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A small startup with a simple aim: To Bring your language learning experience to life!

K. Jhonaton Thomas - Founder & CEO

Our Story

After 7 years in Moscow, 2 years in Colombia and 2 years in France, my experience both as a teacher and a student of languages brought me face to face with some gruesome realities. Language learning was too mechanic, too unnatural. There was little contact with the culture of the language and the different ways in which natives express themselves in that language.I wanted to fix that, to give every student a chance to live the language they are learning, to feel their language and to build a sincere connection with the cultural lingua of that language. Thus, UnifyLingua was born.

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  • M.A in Linguistics 
  • B.A in General Psychology 
  • TEFL Certified
  • IELTS Certified   


  • English (native)
  • Spanish (C1)
  • Russian (C1)
  • French (B2)

Greetings! My name is Jhonaton. 
My experience as a teacher of Business and General English  spans over 9 years to Asians students, Speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, French, German and Russian.

I am TEFL certified and I have taught both online and face to face classes.

I want you to live your language!

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