B1.2 Lesson 9 C-L – Under fire at work – listening-lingua


Clash on broadway

Before you jump into the listening.

Vocabulary to remember:

Playwrights: (noun) Individuals who write plays, typically for performance in theaters.

EX In the context of the text, Emily and James are both playwrights.

Avant-garde: (adjective) Referring to innovative or experimental approaches, especially in the arts.

Reverence: (noun) Deep respect or admiration, often for something sacred or significant.

EX. Lisa is characterized by her reverence for religious artefacts.

Climax: (noun) The most intense or pivotal point in a narrative, often representing a turning point or resolution.

 Conventional: (adjective) Following established practices or norms; traditional.

Ex. Are you conventional in the way you dress?.

Reverberated:(verb) To echo or resound, often figuratively referring to the spread or impact of something. 

 Masterpiece: (noun) A work of outstanding artistry or skill, often considered the creator’s greatest achievement. 

Impulses: (noun) Sudden, strong, and unreflective urges or desires. 

Fusion: (noun) The process or result of blending or combining different elements into a unified whole.

EX. The presentation created by Paul and Sidney is described as a fusion of their artistic styles.

Avail: (verb) To make use of or take advantage of an opportunity or resource. 

Evoke: (verb) To bring forth or elicit a response or feeling, often through art or expression.

EX. That painting evokes strong emotions.

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