B2 S4.2.2 Where would you visit? – grammar-lingua

Where would you visit?


Use this formula to help you: If + Simple Past , + Would/Could + Base Verb

Note: The “If” clause and “Main” Clause can switch places.

Quick Takeaways

When to use the 2nd conditional:

1. Expressing unreal or unlikely situations:
– If I were a millionaire, I would buy a private island.

2. Discussing hypothetical scenarios:
– If we won the lottery, we could travel the world.

3. Imagining outcomes that are not currently true:
– If I had more time, I would learn to play the guitar.

4. Talking about preferences, advice, and suggestions:
– If you want to stay healthy, you should eat more vegetables.

5. Making predictions or expressing dreams and wishes:
– If I studied harder, I would pass all my exams with flying colors.

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