B2 Series 2.1 “Money and You” listening-lingua


  1. Memorable: Worth remembering or easily recalled due to being significant or impactful.
  2. Essentials: Fundamental and necessary items or elements required for a particular purpose.
  3. Dilemma: A difficult situation in which a choice has to be made between two or more options, each with disadvantages.
  4. Contributed: Gave or provided something, often in the form of money, effort, or ideas.
  5. Modest: Not excessively large, elaborate, or expensive; simple and restrained.
  6. Scoured: Searched thoroughly and systematically, often to find something specific or valuable. Ventured: Undertook a risky or daring journey or activity.
  7. Contribute: To give or provide something, often in terms of money, effort, or ideas.
  8. Pool resources: To combine or share available money, skills, or assets to achieve a common goal.
  9. Amenities: Comforts and conveniences that enhance one’s quality of life or well-being.

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