B2 Series 2.1 “Money and You” writing-lingua

Writing a comparative essay

Money and culture are two fundamental pillars of human civilization, intricately interwoven and mutually influential. The relationship between money and culture goes beyond mere transactions; it encompasses a complex web of beliefs, traditions, and social behaviors that collectively define how societies perceive, use, and assign meaning to money

What does a comparative essay include?

1. Introduction

What is this section for:Briefly introduce the concept of the relationship between money and culture.

Example: This essay delves into a comparative analysis of how money is perceived and utilized in two distinct cultures: Culture A and Culture B.

2. Body

What is this section for: Here, you will expand on your points. You can include the following in your essay:

  1. Cultural Values and Financial Priorities:
  2. Rituals and Traditions Surrounding Money
  3. Perception of Success and Well-Being

Note: Be sure to use connectives!


Similarly: Similarly, both Culture A and Culture B place significant importance on the role of money in their respective societies.

In contrast: In contrast to Culture A’s emphasis on material wealth, Culture B prioritizes communal well-being and family support.

3. Conclusion

What is this section for:

  • Summarize the main points discussed in the essay about the relationship between money and culture in the two cultures.
  • Reiterate the significance of understanding these differing perspectives in a globalized world.

Example: In conclusion, this comparison underscores the profound impact of cultural values on the perception and utilization of money.

Be yourself

Remember, even though an essay has structure, it must still represent you. Use your own style when following the structure. give your experiences and the experiences of others if you want to

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Essay Vocabulary

Click on each component of the essay to see the vocabulary that you can use.

Does it all make sense? It's your turn now!

Write a comparative essay. Be sure to follow the structure but most importantly, be yourself! Use vocabulary that you have learnt during the lesson.