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Mastering Your Time and Money

The podcast that delves into the art of effective time management and budgeting.

Vocabulary check



Definition: Provides, imparts, or gives in a supportive or contributory manner. 

Example: The comprehensive training program lends employees the necessary skills to excel in their roles. 




DefinitionTraditional, respected, and proven by virtue of having been practiced or accepted for a long time.  

ExampleThe family’s time-honored recipe for apple pie has been passed down for generations. 




DefinitionTo simplify, optimize, or make more efficient by removing unnecessary elements or processes.  

ExampleThe company decided to streamline its production process by integrating automation technology. 



Slips through our fingers

Definition: This means that something is lost or escapes from our grasp or control, often in a gradual or unnoticed manner. 

Example: Time slips through our fingers as we get caught up in the busyness of daily life, and before we know it, years have passed by without us realizing it. 




Definition: A loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting vehemently. 

ExampleThe clamor of excited fans filled the stadium as the winning goal was scored. 



Definition: Proven or demonstrated to be effective, reliable, or enduring through the passage of time and experience. 

ExampleThis time-tested method of studying has helped countless students achieve academic success. 



Definition: Efforts, actions, or attempts made with a specific goal or purpose in mind. 

Example: His creative endeavors in painting and sculpture brought him international recognition. 



DefinitionThe quality of being attractive, fascinating, or enticing; the power to captivate or charm.  

Example: The mystical beauty of the secluded island held an irresistible allure for adventurous travelers. 



Emerges as a beacon

Definition: Becomes a guiding light or point of reference that stands out and provides direction. 

Example: In times of crisis, his leadership skills emerged as a beacon of hope for the team. 


As we tread the path

Definition: While we move forward or progress along a particular course or journey. 

Example: As we tread the path of self-discovery, we encounter challenges that help us grow. 


Punctuated by short breaks

Definition: Intermittently marked or interrupted by brief periods of rest or pause. 

Example: The lecturer’s speech was punctuated by short breaks to allow the audience to ask questions. 


Venture into

Definition: To explore or embark upon (something) that involves risk or uncertainty, often with a sense of courage or curiosity. 

Example: After years of working in a corporate environment, she decided to venture into entrepreneurship and start her own business.