G.E B2 Series 2 Budgeting Bonanza – listening-lingua prt 4

Segment 4

Managing time and budgeting

The podcast that delves into the art of effective time management and budgeting.

Vocabulary check


Devote time

Definition: To allocate or dedicate a certain amount of time to a particular activity. 

Example: She makes it a point to devote time every morning to exercise and meditation. 



Definition: To use or exploit something to one’s advantage. 

Example: They leverage social media platforms to promote their business and connect with customers. 


Conducive to

Definition: Creating a favorable or suitable environment for something to happen.

Example: A quiet and organized workspace is conducive to focused and productive work. 


Catalyst for

Definition: A trigger or something that sparks a particular process or change. 

Example: The new technology acted as a catalyst for innovation in the industry. 



Definition: Increases in intensity, size, or effectiveness. 

Example: Regular exercise amplifies overall health and boosts energy levels. 


Waking up like an accident

Definition: Refers to starting the day without a plan or intention. 

Example: Instead of waking up like an accident, he starts his day with a structured routine. 


Art of time-blocking

Definition: The skill of scheduling tasks in distinct blocks of time. 

Example: Learning the art of time-blocking helped him manage his tasks more efficiently.