B2 Series 2.1 “Money and You” reading-lingua

Staying true to your vision.

Lisa, an ambitious young adult with a passion for learning, understood that money makes the world go round, but she also believed that money couldn’t buy happiness. Growing up in a modest household, she learned the value of living within her means and not letting money burn a hole in her pocket. While pursuing her studies, Lisa found herself on a shoestring budget. She was determined to make ends meet and avoid being in the red. Her friends often indulged in lavish outings, but Lisa was a penny-pinching expert. She knew that money doesn’t grow on trees, and every penny saved was a step towards financial security. 

One day, Lisa stumbled upon an intriguing investment opportunity. She came across a small, neglected property that was available for dirt cheap. The idea of transforming the place into a cozy bed and breakfast took root in her mind. She decided to put her money where her mouth was and take a risk by purchasing the property. The property required extensive renovations, and Lisa had to tighten her belt even further to fund the project. She dedicated her weekends to learning basic carpentry and renovation skills, determined not to pay through the nose for costly contractors but would it cost her more in long run if she went at it alone, she knew that being penny-wise and pound-foolish was not an option in this venture. 

“She decided to put her money where her mouth was”

"she kept her goal in mind"

Months of hard work followed as Lisa transformed the neglected property into a charming getaway. It was a journey that tested her limits, both financially and emotionally. She had dark moments and red ones too. Despite her frugal approach and planning she found herself in the red on several occasions. but she kept her goal in mind. She was reminded that every venture is a risk and requires sacrifices. When the bed and breakfast finally opened its doors, it didn’t become an overnight sensation. Lisa had to work diligently to attract guests. She offered comfortable rooms and personalized service at reasonable prices, avoiding the temptation to overcharge and turn the place into a cash cow. 

"money can be a tool to create opportunities"

Through word-of-mouth and positive online reviews, Lisa’s bed and breakfast gradually gained popularity. It took some time, but things started to look up and with her earnings she could finally make ends meet. Lisa wouldn’t say she’s rolling in dough, but her hard work was paying off, and the business was sustaining itself. Over time, the bed and breakfast became a sought-after destination for travelers seeking a cozy and affordable retreat. Lisa’s determination and prudent financial decisions led to a surprising financial success. She hadn’t struck it rich overnight, but she had shown that with the right mindset and hard work, it was possible to turn an abandoned property into a self-sustained business. 


Lisa’s story became an inspiration to others who admired her ability to go for broke and turn her passion into a profitable venture. She had proven that money can be a tool to create opportunities and improve one’s quality of life, but true happiness comes from the satisfaction of achieving one’s goals and making a positive impact on others’ lives. 

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